Dating back to the late nineties, we have been performing drywall services for various contractors. In the fall of 2004, Creative Drywall and Design, Inc., was formed and had since performed the drywall finishing of many fine homes in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.  Under the direction of Brinka and Schaefbauer Drywall for builders such as:  Kootenia Homes, Rudy Wicklander Homes, Imperial Homes, Chuba Companies, North Country Builders, and Breuer Homes,  ect.   In addition to residential services, many commercial projects have been completed including Space Aliens Restaurants in Albertville and Blaine, MN.
During our economic changes of present time, new dreams have been encountered and thus the change from Creative Drywall and Design to JAMESTONE, INC.  Now without limitation by namesake, we will endure to be your full service shop for all of your repairs and improvements.